Use this method to get rid of pain in hands and feet!

Friends, we often bring you some recipes that after using them you can get rid of many problems related to your health. Nowadays many people have weakness in their body.It happens because with wrong food and drink, the body's nutrients are lacking, many people are troubled by problems related to digestive system, besides, there are many people who have pain in their joints.If you also have such a problem, today we will tell you that if you boil the seeds of haleem in milk and consume them,

 then many of your problems will end with this.All the nutrients are there which make our body able to fight diseases, you have to take them in the amount of a spoon and keep them soaked in water and then boil them in a glass of milk. you You can also use turmeric and green cardamom in this milk. If you consume this milk, 

your body's strength will increase and your body will be able to fight diseases.
Boil it in milk and drink it.This information has been taken for social media, we have no hand in recording it, we are only sharing this information with you. Thank you for staying connected with us. If you want to get all kinds of information from now on, then like our page so that all information can reach you.

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