Don’t pay more for a new TV in 2021

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Want to buy a new TV, but want to get the best possible price? Sit back, the next best time to buy is fast approaching. The prices of large and small screens, and almost all other electronic devices, follow a predictable annual cycle, and knowing that cycle can save you some money.

As we welcome the rituals of fall, children return to in-person learning, stadiums are packed, and families gather in living rooms to cheer on their favorite teams. In the world of technology, fall marks the beginning of TV bargain hunting.

Are you looking forward to buying a new TV, but want the best possible price? Don’t worry, the next best time to buy is coming up. The next best time to buy a new TV will be this fall and the holiday season.

New TVs are usually announced in January and go on sale in the spring. This means that the major price declines do not start until later in the year in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, When discounts are usually higher

Big and small screen prices follow a regular yearly cycle, and knowing that cycle can save you some money or at least the anxiety of getting ripped off. Here’s the pattern: New TVs are announced at CES in January. Current model year TVs start shipping in the spring and summer, and that’s when they’re most expensive.

Black Friday deals and more…

However, the biggest price cuts usually occur during the fall and before the holidays. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday often have the best TV sales, both on budget models and the best TVs, and those prices can often be had throughout December and the holidays.

If you’ve already picked out the TV you want, now is the time to start looking at prices as we head into the holiday shopping season. However, if you haven’t been looking for a new TV in a while, you might be overwhelmed when low-price season is upon us.

Check out the quality of the TVs and have time to window shop as you prepare for the big sale of the year. Before you start shopping, do your research to determine some of the best candidates for the model you’d like to buy. By being flexible with the exact model, you are more likely to save money.



Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday bring great TV deals and have become some of the biggest shopping days of the year for online and physical stores. While Black Friday used to feature one-day sales, in recent years it has become a week-long shopping extravaganza, with retailers offering discounts both before and after the actual date.

All deals are often announced well in advance, so you can plan your purchases accordingly to get the lowest price on the model you have in mind. There may be special hours for massive sale with very high discount rates or particular days as well. Most retailers aim to clear out stocks before the arrival of new TV models, hence the sell-off.

However, there is a chance that the Black Friday discounts may not be as generous this year compared to last year. This is because pandemic-related manufacturing disruptions have led to widespread price increases across the consumer electronics market.

TV prices may not drop as much as they have in the past, even during the holiday shopping period. Conversely, manufacturers may try to offset these increases with Black Friday discounts high enough that the price increases are negligible.

So should you buy a new TV?

Here’s what to consider:

Get a new TV now if:

  • Your current TV has problems or is too old to connect to a streaming service like Netflix.
  • You are willing to buy from a place that has a price match policy, in case there is a sale.
  • You want something bigger than what you have now.

Don’t buy a TV now if:

  • Your current TV works fine.
  • There is literally anything else you need or want to spend money on.

Shop at the right time, for big savings

So when is the best time to buy a new TV? It’s not so easy to say “when it’s cheapest” because that’s often when new models are just around the corner. Also, the cheapest TV might not be the best value. More information about it will continue to be provided and we will keep you informed at all times.


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