How To Return Amazon Product :- Any Reason

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How To Return Amazon Product:- Online shopping is going on in trends in quite a lot today. And shopping online is a common thing. Many times when we are shopping online, we have a product that is defective or a product is bad. If you do not get it right, then how do you return the product to the company in this way? Today we will talk about the Amazon company about how to return to Amazon Product, let’s know about this.

If we buy a product from Amazon and if the product is a bad or a defective product, then we can easily return the product and say for Refund or Replace.

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How To Return Amazon Product

But there are some products which can not be refunded after buying once such as software, health care, books, video games, etc and many other products are also those which cannot be back about these products and You can read’s return and replace agreement to know more.

Many people buy a product when they do not check the return option because there is not a lot of return option for the product. Therefore, before buying the product, Return and Product Description should be checked.

According to the Amazon return and Replace policy, you get two services when you return the product. You can withdraw your payment by returning the purchased product and secondly, you can return the product and buy another product instead. In both of these options, you can select from which option you like.

Amazon Product’s Return or Replace

Step 1- First of all you have to log in to website and go to My Order option. All products that you’ve shopped on Amazon in my order, will be all product shows.

Step 2- Now you have to click on the Return and Replace option under the product you want to return.

Step 3- Now the new page will open, click on the Reason of Return option, and select the option that you want to send back the product. And after selecting, click on Continue.

Step 4- Now you will get two options: Exchange and Refund If you want to buy another product instead of your product, then click on the Exchange. And if you want to take money in return for the product then you have to click on Refund.

And after clicking on Refund, you will get two options and the first Amazon Pay Balance and the second Bank Account. If you want to take the money in the bank account, then you have to select the bank account and fill up the bank details and select it if you want to take the money in the Amazon Pay Account.

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Step 5- Now you have to select an option from the pickup or self-return option. Pickup means the delivery boy will pick up from your address and self refine means you have to deposit your product at the Amazon service center near you.

Step 6- Now, the email address that you will receive an address on it in a pdf form, you have to remove the print and the printer is packed with your product, where there is a product return address in the print. Now the day you pick up time, Delivery Boy will pick up that product.

Now your Return order has been completed so you can follow these simple steps and return to the Amazon product.

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