How To Save Kidney From Disease

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How To Save Kidney From Disease:- Due to the high incidence, potential problems and lack of availability in developing countries, only 5-10% of patients with kidney failure have therapeutic treatment for dialysis and kidney transplantation. Diseases like Chronic Kidney Failure, which can not be cured, their last-stage treatment like dialysis and kidney transplants are very expensive. This feature is not available everywhere. Therefore the follow-up of the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is very important. Every person should know about the avoidance of kidney damage.

How To Save Kidney From Disease

Never underestimate your kidneys. It has the following two parts:

1. Notifications for the general public

2. Precautions to care for Kidney Diseases

Notifications for the general public

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Seven effective methods To Save Kidney From Disease

1. Fit and active

Regular aerobic exercise and daily body activities help keep blood pressure normal and control blood sugar. In this way, physical activity reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, and in this way c. The risk of D. can be reduced.

2. Balanced diet

Eat fresh fruit and vegetable food. Diet should be reduced to sophisticated eating habits, sugar, fat, and meat. Those people whose age is over 40, take less salt in the food, which helps in preventing hypertension and kidney stones.

3. Keep weight control

Maintain your weight balance with healthy eating and regular exercise. It is diabetes, heart disease, and CKD. It is helpful to stop other diseases associated with it.

4. Avoid smoking and tobacco products.

Smoking can be likely to cause atherosclerosis. This reduces blood flow in the kidney. This reduces the ability of kidney functioning. Studies have also shown that due to the smoking of those whose underlying kidney disease is or is due to occur, their kidney function comes down sharply.

5. O.T.C. Beware of drugs (over the counter)

Due to long-term painkillers, there is a fear of damage to the kidney. Medicines commonly used in medicine include damage to the kidneys such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, naparosin, etc., which in turn may result in kidney failure. Consult the doctor to control your pain and do not jeopardize your kidney in any way.

6. Drink plenty of water

Drink more than 3 liters (10-12 glasses) of water daily. By drinking enough water, urine is diluted and helps to prevent the release of toxic waste from the body and the kidney stones.

7. Annual check-up of kidneys

Kidney diseases are often hidden and severe. They do not show any signs until they reach the final step. The most powerful but effective remedy for prevention and early diagnosis of kidney diseases is regular check-up of the kidneys.

But it is a pity that this method is not used much. Annual check-up of the kidney is very important for the high-risk person, who is suffering from diabetes, hypertension, obesity and whose family has a history of kidney diseases.

If you love your kidneys and are more important, then do not forget to check your kidney regularly after the age of 40 years.

The easiest method to diagnose kidney disease and its diagnosis are to take a measure of blood pressure once a year, measure creatinine in the blood and conduct urination tests.

Precautions of Kidney Diseases Information on Kidney Diseases and Early Diagnosis

Be cautious and do not ignore the symptoms of kidney disease.

Inflammation in the face and feet, discomfort in eating, vomiting or embarrassment, bleeding in the blood, feeling of exhaustion for long periods of time, frequent urination in the night, pain in urine, symptoms like kidney diseases can be a sign of Are.

The person suffering from such discomfort should go to the doctor for immediate examination.

In the absence of the above symptoms, if there is a protein in the urine or there is an increase in the amount of creatinine in the blood, then it is also a sign of kidney disease.

In the early stages of kidney disease, diagnosis is extremely important in the prevention, control, and cure of diseases.

Caution for Diabetic Patients

Prevention of kidney disease is particularly important for all diabetic patients. Because around the world, D. and diabetes mellitus are major causes of kidney failure. Diabetes occurs due to kidney failure of one of the three patients of Chronic Kidney Disease in Dialysis. In order to prevent this serious problem, patients of diabetes should be kept under the control of diabetes by medicines and avoidance.

For every patient to know about the effect of diabetes on the kidney.

It is important to check blood pressure every three months and protein in the urine.

Increased blood pressure, protein coming in urine, swelling in the body, reducing the amount of glucose in the blood repeatedly, and decrease in the amount of insulin injection for diabetes, etc.

Diabetes caused by kidney stones indicates bad is. To assess the functioning of the kidneys at least once every year serum creatinine and eGFR

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