How To Shavasana And Its Benefits

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How To Shavasana And Its Benefits:- Shavasana is not just exercise or yoga or meditation but it is a magical process in itself, by which a person can get everything by awakening his inner dormant powers. This is a wonderful relaxation process by which a person can remove all kinds of physical and mental diseases by using his physical power.

A human instrument is living a similar life in the modern era. It is normal to have physical and mental exhaustion while living a runaway life. To correct such physical and mental fatigue, breathing is a good exercise. This posture can be done easily by the people of all ages. In this easy, we have to lie down like a chicken (as if there is an inanimate body). That is why it is said as a dead body = easy = respiration.

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How to breathe (method)

  1. First, put the mat on a clean place and put it on the backside. So make sure the ground is flat. And there will be no noise around. This seat will get more benefit from doing this seat. If possible, it will be possible only in the morning.
  2. Keep your hands straight after the back of the back and straighten your hands. Put both hands on the floor now. Now the gap between the waist and both hands is six inches, so keep both hands apart.
  3. Now keep both of your legs in such a way that there is a gap between one and a half feet between them.
  4. Keep your eyes and mouth closed during the respiratory process. Relax all the muscles of your face.
  5. Now gradually relax your whole body or leave loose. From foot to head, meditate on one part of the body and make it completely relaxed. (Note – procrastination = leaving loose = free)
  6. Keep breathing slowly and erase all worries like a free bird.
    After relaxing all the organs of the body, concentrate all your attention on your respiratory action.
  7. Keep in mind that while practicing breathing and do not think about any subject. The entire focus is on breathing.
  8. If this sleeping takes place while doing sleeping, then you have to take a little faster and deep breath. By doing this, sleep will get rid of.
  9. Burn the shawl for three to five minutes. There is no damage to this posture for more than five minutes. But do not sleep in the shadow, remember it.
  10. After finishing the breathing exercises, gently exhale should be left outside the body. And should open the eyes and rise from the left side. (Note- It has to wake up after sitting.).
  11. The longer the second seat is done, the longer the respite, the tiredness should be eradicated. Suppose that Iyurasan has been done for five minutes, then he should breathe five minutes immediately after that.
  12. Shawls are beneficial after each and every other posture is started.

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Note: The process of respiration is very easy, but this posture is considered to be the most difficult posture because it is very difficult at first to relax the body completely. So gradually practice it every day while adopting the correct procedure.

 Benefits Of Shavasana

  • This is a great way to relieve mental stress and physical fatigue. All the muscles in the body get relief by breathing.
  • After shouting, new energy is transmitted in the body. Continuous this posture removes the problem of uncontrolled heart rate.
  • By breathing, the speed of metabolism is controlled.
  • The other thing that can be done by performing other asanas, can be used to relieve the body quickly.
  • Respiration increases the efficiency of the brain in the human body. And the mind gets peace.
  • Burning every morning in the morning, self-confidence increases.
  • Burning makes the memory faster. Concentration power develops to speed up any work at a quick pace (Decision Making Power Improve).
  • By breathing, it helps in diabetes sufferers to control sugar.
    The problem of insomnia and respiration can be done to remove all kinds of disorders of the mind.
  • The person suffering from high blood pressure can get the benefits of breathing tax.
    For the person suffering from depression, and heart disease, breathing is very beneficial.
  • By shouting anger and irritable water from the inside of the person, and excessive restlessness is dispelled. Since this is a stress-rug posture.
  • Through the practice of breathing, the power of meditation of the person develops.

Precautions Before Shavasana

Shavasana is a simple posture, there is almost no harm to the person of any age doing this posture, but if a person is forbidden by the back of the doctor on the back of a person, then he should not practice this asana. Generally, after completing all the yoga posture, breathing must be done.

Shawshank looks quite an asana in the eyes. But it takes some time practice to do it in a perfect way. Many times people get drowsy while breathing, or they get distracted. If this happens then there is no harm to the body, but the benefit of breathing does not get even. This is why many Yogis also call the breathing exercise to be the most difficult posture.

(Note: The body is a Sanskrit word, the body of the dead is dead, which is called Corpse in English).

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