How To Use Whatsapp In Laptop Or Computer

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How to use WhatsApp in laptop or computer:-  you all know, WhatsApp is the most popular among messaging apps.

These apps will get you to see everyone on their smartphones very easily.

I said that because people who have not been educated, they too use WhatsApp too much. So what do people say?

For example, you can also look at your mobile phone, this app will also get you miles in your phone and also why not?

This is an application that you do not have to remember the id nor run the password.

just open the phone’s public and click on the icon of the app, let’s open WhatsApp.

Along with this, neither you are able to see the ad, nor do you have an Ad-Friend’s option in your account.

as well as one of the exclusive features of Whatsapp in WhatsApp that have been made to make WhatsApp better.

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How To Use Whatsapp In Laptop Or Computer

For your information, let me tell you that at today’s date, more than 5 billion people have downloaded the WhatsApp application.

42 billion messages are sent daily on WhatsApp messages.

Meaning 6 times more than the whole world. So you can estimate yourself how popular WhatsApp is.

There used to be a time when we could use WhatsApp only in my smartphone

but now the company has worked hard and add a few more features inside it, the result is that we can now run in WhatsApp also in laptops.

Perhaps you might have been glad to hear this feature is very good for those people who spend most of their time on laptops.

Now in the middle of the laptop, it is really a waste of time to check the mobile, on the computer.

you can reply immediately by watching the message.

At the same time, some files or documents are on our laptops.

Now if we can not run in WhatsApp, then before sending it to someone, we had to transfer it to our mobile.

Now, do not you think that it is easier to transfer any file from your laptop to your mobile first and then transfer it from your mobile to another person via WhatsApp?

Or, open WhatsAppSpace directly in the laptop and send it directly to the one that needs the file?

You will also say that it is easier to send files by running WhatsApp on WhatsApp. This will also save time.

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How To Use Whatsapp In Laptop Or Computer

If I share my personal expo, it is easy to run widgets in laptops as well as time saver, meaning that you can also save time from it.

So let’s start now that we know this article from our best and know how to use Whatsapp In Laptop Or Computer


step 1.

For the first time, how to play WhatsApp on your computer, go to

You will see something like the screenshot given below. So that page will let you stay open.

There will be a WhatsApp QR Code which you will need later.

Step 2

You will now need your mobile phone. So pick up your phone and open the Whatsapp application.

There you will see 3 dots, then you have to click on that button and then have to continue.

Step 3

Now you have a lot of options in front of you, so what you do click on the option of WhatsApp Web.

Step 4

Now in your phone, the camera will open automatically, then, in the beginning.

I asked you to keep the QR code page open, then bring your camera to that code and scan that code with your phone.

Step 5

After you scan the QR code from your smartphone, after that your web browser will automatically open your whitespace and you will be able to talk to anyone.

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Note: You must take care of one thing as you can see in the screenshot above that it is written:

“keep your phone connected”.

This means whenever you are using Whatsapp on your web browser, Just keep connecting, then it will continue to work.

If you have any problems in understanding this whole process or have any questions related to this article.

then you can ask any questions you have asked us through the comment.

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