Demi Lovato Suffers Nasty Facial Injury & Reveals They Needs Stitches

The 'Sober' popstar joked about the injury, and the poor timing since

 they're going to be appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' soon. Demi

Lovato took a rough fall on Wednesday, July 13. The 29-year-old

singer took to their TikTok to show a cut just above their left eye,

where they said they needed to get stitches. While the cut looked like

 it must’ve hurt, the popstar seemed like they had a good sense of

humor about it, as they showed it to fans in a video with a silly TikTok

audio saying, “Nobody’s gonna know/They’re gonna know/How would

 they know Demi opened the video with their hand over their eyebrow 

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