What Is Super Computers :- Why Does They Use

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What Is Super Computers:- Upon hearing the name of the Supercomputers, we got the images of those huge

very large and overheating machines that are famous for making the fastest calculating in the world

who took a large amount of space to compute after computation.

You may be surprised to know that with the universal nature of personal PC and network system

supercomputers are still used in various operations.

In the next few minutes, I will tell you about the supercomputer and how they still work in many industrial and scientific areas.

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What is a supercomputer?

A supercomputer is a computer that is one of the most powerful, fastest systems in the world at any point.

For example, the first supercomputer was named Colossus in the UK.

It was designed to read messages and crack the German code during World War II and could read 5,000 characters in a second.

It sounds impressive, is not it?

Colossus was considered as very powerful at that time

but if you compare it with the NASA Columbia Supercomputer, which completes 42 million operations per second, then it seems very childish.

In other words, the capacities of what was a supercomputer are now less than your mobile, and what we currently call a supercomputer is as advanced as the other computer can be.

What is a supercomputer?

However, there are some things that make the computer brunch in the “super” area.

There is usually more than one Central Processing Unit (CPU)

which allow the computer to rapidly switch off the circuit and complete more tasks at once.

(For this reason, a supercomputer will also have large amounts of storage so that it can access many tasks at one time.)

There will also be the ability to make vector arithmetic, which means that it will list several operations at one time Can calculate.

Computing performance of “supercomputer” is much more measured than a normal purpose computer.

A supercomputer’s computing performance is measured in FLOPS (Floating-Point Operations Per Second) rather than MIPS.

What Is Super Computers:- Why Do They Use

There are thousands of processors in the supercomputer that can billions and trillion calculations per second.

you can say that supercomputers can reach up to 400 quadrillion FLOPS.

They have evolved over a large scale cluster system from the grid of parallel computing.

Cluster system computing means that the machine uses multiple processors in a system rather than a table of different computers in the network.

These computers are the largest in size.

One of the most powerful supercomputers can range from a few feet up to hundreds of feet.

The cost of the supercomputer is also very high, and their price can be from $ 2 million to $ 100 million.

History of Supercomputers

If you study the history of the computer, you will understand that no one can claim to invent these amazing machines.

But logically, this is a very less truth about the supercomputer.

which is widely accepted to serve the same person, Seymour Cray (1925-1996), a lot of contribution to it.

Here is a tour before and after Supercomputing, BC and AC!

Cray-2 Supercomputer unit c shaped.

1946: John Mowchley and J. Prepare Eckert created the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) at the University of Pennsylvania.


This was the first general-purpose electronic computer, which is approximately 25 meters (80 feet) long and weighing 30 tons and since it has been deployed on military scientific problems, it is logically the first scientific supercomputer.

1953: IBM developed its first general purpose mainframe computer, IBM 701 (also called Defense Calculator).

 IBM 701

It sold approximately 20 machines to various government and military agencies.

701 is the first off-the-shelf supercomputer.

IBM engineer Jean Amahal later redesigned the machine to make IBM 704, a machine capable of 5 KFLOPS (5000 FLOPS) enabled.

1956: IBM developed Stretch Supercomputer for the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

It was the world’s fastest computer until 1964.

1957: Control Data Corporation (CDC) and Pioneer Fast Co-Founder Seymour Cray transistor fast, high-performance computers, including CDC 1604 (announced 1958) and 6600 (released 1964).

It challenged IBM’s dominance in IBM’s mainframe computing.

What Is Super Computers:- Why Does They Use

1972: Cray leaves control data and has developed Cray Research to develop high-end computers.

the first true supercomputer One of their main ideas is to help reduce the length of connections between the components within their machines so that they can be made faster.

This is partly due to why the early cray computers were C-shaped.

though unusual Struct Design (and Bright Blue or Red cabinet) also help to separate them from competitors.

1976: First Cray-1 Supercomputer is installed in the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

It manages a speed of approximately 160 MFLOPS.

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